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- Visa/MC Interchange Fee Settlement Update -

We expect to begin filing claims in December. Please make sure your records are up to date on the MCAG Client HUB.


Because class action settlements can be very complicated, and no one should have to manage them alone.


Your organization deserves an expert guide. An experienced research team. An advocate. Someone on a mission to eliminate wasted time, simplify the legalese, and reduce the complexity and worry along the way. It’s why we invented class action settlement navigation — to make your settlement recovery journey less burdensome and more gainful.

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Our clients are drawn from industries as diverse as aerospace, manufacturing, legal, academia, healthcare, retail, hospitality, restaurant groups, construction, real estate, private equity firms, and finance. We also work with affinity groups and non-profits. In fact, MCAG provides services to over 290,000 businesses of all types
and sizes.


MCAG has partnered with many of the nation's largest healthcare IT companies, payment card processors, acquirers, and select law firms and consultants. Through these critical business relationships, we leverage unrivaled industry expertise and matchless access to relevant data for more than 6.5 million businesses.


We believe our people are our key differentiator. Our consultants deliver a balanced blend of skills, experience, and diligence as we guide our clients in their efforts to receive the full share of every dollar they earn. Since  2003, the hard-working team at MCAG has recovered over $300 million for our clients.

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Our Extraordinary Expertise

Here’s what you should expect from our Settlement Recovery Service: more settlement opportunities, positive filing outcomes, chart-topping client satisfaction, and sustained long-term settlement recovery for your company. Those are promises we’ve delivered on for close to 20 years. For more than 75,000 clients. Our extraordinary expertise yields extraordinary results. 

We are privileged to work with market-leading partners to provide our solutions, including:

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Comprehensive support on one flexible platform

The ideal settlement navigator provides a comprehensive platform that delivers results. That platform provides a thorough view of all your settlement opportunities. It integrates information from trusted data partners and unlocks your full recovery potential. It helps your organization achieve positive revenue recovery with less stress along the way. And it does it all in one powerful platform.

Leading the way to more settlement recoveries

Our clients tell us that because of our expertise and guidance, they spend less time with the process but achieve superior settlement outcomes. That’s because MCAG didn’t just set the bar for class action settlement recovery — MCAG invented it. And we’ve been raising the bar for nearly twenty years with cutting-edge technology and a focused approach to settlement navigation – built around client satisfaction and results.


We Are Advocates

Many class action settlements are complicated, and it’s our mission to advocate on your behalf to make things simpler and more profitable. We’ll bring everything we’ve got — innovation, expertise, and passion — to ensure you and your team succeed.

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