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Settlement Recovery

Settlement opportunities account for billions of dollars annually. They occur when courts order companies to pay damages due to their mistakes or unlawful actions that harm others. 


Unfortunately, businesses large and small are often denied the money they are entitled to because they don’t have experience negotiating with claims administrators—the people the courts hire to handle the payment of damages—or preparing the required documentation, data sets, or forms. MCAG specializes in helping our clients navigate settlements in the following areas:

  • Product/Anti-Competition: Claims where manufacturers engaged in antitrust or price-fixing;

  • Healthcare: For example, insurance claims were not paid correctly;

  • Pharmaceutical: Claims in which an organization overpaid for drugs purchased on behalf of its employees; and

  • Financial: Merchants overpaid interchange fees, or financial markets were manipulated by large banks, for example.

We’ve developed our expertise in settlement navigation through hard-won experience working with the nation’s preeminent class action litigators and settlement administrators. As a result of our nearly twenty years of experience, we are extremely familiar with the process of submitting, tracking, and reconciling all types of class action settlement claims.

Proof of Performance

  • MCAG provides our Settlement Recovery Service to over 75,000 businesses of all sizes and levels of sophistication. Clients include sole proprietors to nationally recognized businesses and healthcare systems.

  • MCAG has unrivaled access to data for more than 6.5 million businesses through our relationships with the nation’s largest healthcare IT companies, payment card processors, and select law firms and consultants. Whenever possible, we use this data, often provided by our partners and trusted vendors of clients, to increase client recoveries.

  • MCAG has distributed hundreds of millions in cash to clients through our Settlement Recovery Service.

  • MCAG has a proven history of improving client recoveries from settlements and exceeding what clients would have received using their internal efforts.

We handle all the details including preparing and submitting any required documentation and claim forms and working with settlement administrators to reconcile and distribute appropriate recoveries under the terms of the settlements.


Monitoring settlement opportunities and effectively filing claims is a complex and resource-intensive process. That's valuable time taken away from the core tasks that help you manage and grow your business. ​Our clients depend on our team to:

  • Monitor and research the legal scene to find settlement opportunities applicable to their organization.

  • Provide guidance and assistance in retrieving the applicable documentation and information.

  • Prepare any required forms and ensure an accurate and timely claim submission.

  • Work with settlement administrators to reconcile and allocate the appropriate settlement distribution.


Some notable past class action settlements that MCAG has pursued on behalf of our clients include:

  • $9 billion - Deepwater Horizon Settlement

  • $2 billion - Foreign Exchange Benchmark Rates Antitrust Litigation

  • $590 million - LIBOR OTC

  • $576 million - Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $504 million - ISDAfix Settlement

  • $350 million - United Health Care Ingenix Settlement

  • $310 million - DRAM Settlement

  • $297 million - US Foodservice Pricing Litigation Settlement

  • $225 million - Cipro (California) Cases I & II (Barr)

  • $205 million - Optical Disc Drive Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $151 million - Polyurethane Foam Antitrust Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $143 million - BlueCross/Highmark/Cap Settlement

  • $135 million - Anthem/Wellpoint Settlement

  • $128 million - Plasma Protein Derivative Therapy Settlement

  • $113 million - Lithium Ion Batteries Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $104 million - Lidoderm Antitrust Settlement

  • $104 million - Illinois State LCD Antitrust Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $80 million - Dental Supplies Antitrust Litigation

  • $63 million - Washington State LCD Antitrust Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $61 million - Menactra Antitrust Litigation Settlement

  • $54 million - Aggrenox Antitrust Litigation

  • $43 million - Solodyn Antitrust Litigation

  • $40 million - Healthnet Settlement

  • $23 million - Oxford NY and NJ Class Action Settlements


MCAG only works on a contingent fee basis when providing our settlement navigation services.  You avoid upfront fees and enjoy the comfort of knowing that our motivation is in harmony with your needs and expectations.



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