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MCAG is a revenue recovery consulting firm where teams of advisers, auditors, analysts and IT professionals provide expertise, analysis and technology to ensure our clients capture every recoverable dollar.  

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SRS: Settlement Recovery Service

Settlement opportunities account for billions of dollars in available funds annually. Regrettably, businesses large and small are often denied the money they are entitled to because they don’t have experience negotiating with claims administrators or preparing the required documentation, data sets, or forms. MCAG specializes in settlement assistance in the following areas:

  • Product/Anti-Competition (e.g. manufacturers engaged in antitrust, price-fixing, etc.)

  • Healthcare (e.g. insurance claims were not paid correctly)

  • Pharmaceutical (e.g. an organization overpaid for drugs purchased on behalf of its employees)

  • Financial (e.g. merchants overpaid interchange fees, financial markets were manipulated by large banks)

We’ve developed our expertise in recovering money for businesses through hard-won experience working with the nation’s preeminent class action litigators and settlement administrators. 

We handle all of the details including preparing and submitting any required documentation and claim forms and working with settlement administrators to reconcile and distribute appropriate recoveries under the terms of the settlements.


Monitoring settlement opportunities and effectively filing claims is a complex and resource-intensive process. That's time taken away from the core tasks that help you manage and grow your business. ​Our clients depend on our service teams to:

  • Provide guidance and assistance in retrieving the applicable documentation and information,

  • Prepare any required forms and ensure an accurate and timely claim submission,

  • Work with settlement administrators to reconcile and distribute the appropriate recovery under the terms of the settlements, and

  • Find future settlement opportunities applicable to your organization.


MCAG only works on a contingent fee basis when providing recovery services.  You avoid upfront fees and enjoy the comfort of knowing that our motivation is in harmony with your needs and expectations.

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