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Unclaimed Funds Recovery

Each year, millions of dollars are forfeited to government agencies that do not report dormant assets to state unclaimed property. Many companies, due to no fault of their own, are unaware of the existence of these outstanding cash assets. MCAG utilizes a proprietary forensic research technique to locate and recover unclaimed, dormant cash assets and return them to their rightful owners.


MCAG's fund recovery service is the most comprehensive available today for analyzing private and public data to identify and recover dormant unclaimed, uncashed, or undelivered funds. Our recovery team uses our propriety technology to filter through various data banks to locate and identify outstanding cash assets. These cash assets belong to major corporations, small businesses, non-profits, individuals and government agencies.

Similar to our Class Action Settlement Recovery Service, we handle the entire process so you can focus on your business. We then work with the holders directly to expedite the process and get your funds back to you as soon as possible.

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Currently, states, federal agencies, and other organizations collectively hold more than $58 billion in unclaimed cash and benefits. That's roughly $186 for every U.S. resident. The unclaimed property comes from a variety of sources, including abandoned bank accounts and stock holdings, unclaimed life insurance payouts, and forgotten pension benefits

Our Three-Step Process



  • Gather your business information.

  • Model your research parameters in our proprietary asset recovery platform.



  • Identify and analyze dormant assets utilizing our proven technical and professional expertise.

  • Provide analytics and reporting to you through our fund recovery reports.



  • Submit a proper and timely claim on your behalf using our proven process so we can expedite your claim and help you recover assets faster while avoiding unnecessary expenses and possible mistakes.

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