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McKinsey National Prescription Opiate Consultant Settlement-Third Party Payors

McKinsey & Company, Inc., National Prescription Opiate Consultant Litigation (3:21-md-02996-CRB)


In a significant move for third-party payors (i.e., health insurance plans), global consulting firm McKinsey & Company has settled with third-party payors for their alleged role in fueling the opioid epidemic by advising pharmaceutical companies on how to increase the sale of opioids.

The $78 million settlement is the first opioid-related settlement for third-party payors in the country.

Another sprawling multi-district litigation relating to the opioid epidemic, the National Prescription Opiate Litigation based in Ohio, continues its nationwide litigation against pharmaceutical companies, on behalf of parties including third-party payors. MCAG continues to monitor this case for settlement opportunities.

Settlement Fund: $78 million

Date Range: June 1, 2009 through October 31, 2023

Filing Deadline: December 15, 2024

Class: All entities that paid and/or reimbursed for (a) opioid prescription drugs manufactured, marketed, sold, or distributed by the Opioid Marketing Enterprise Members (Purdue, Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, Cephalon, Endo, and Mallinckrodt), for purposes other than resale, and/or (b) paid or incurred costs for treatment related to the misuse, addiction, and/or overdose of opioid drugs, on behalf of individual beneficiaries, insureds, and/or members, during the period June 1, 2009 to October 31, 2023.

Recommended Next Steps

Data may be required to complete your claim for this settlement. Connect us with a member of your Benefits Department so an MCAG representative can describe the information that is necessary to complete your claim.

If you are interested in MCAG filing a claim on your behalf, don't hesitate to contact us at 800-355-0466. We're here to help you maximize your recoveries with minimal effort. In the meantime, if you receive any class or settlement notices, please forward them to an MCAG representative for review, and we'll help you unlock your full recovery potential.




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