Working Together

With more than 160,000 clients, MCAG is a proven leader in the revenue recovery consulting space. As a trusted advisor to our clients, one of our most important responsibilities is serving as a third-party filer for class-action settlements. This role is not much different from that of payroll providers, tax preparers, or other professionals who file returns or access a clients' account information for authorized purposes. We value our clients' trust and we take this role very seriously.

In addition to filing on behalf of our clients, MCAG also provides in-depth research services to keep our clients informed of revenue recovery opportunities and help them make informed decisions that further their revenue recovery goals. 

Our clients tell us that our consulting services help them in many ways but most important, our services allow them to focus on their core business while we guide them in optimizing their revenue cycle. 

Working with Settlement Administrators

Because MCAG enjoys a long, successful history in the revenue recovery consulting space, we often collaborate with settlement administrators in various roles, including:

  • Acting as a communication channel for class notification—gathering more class members.

  • Lightening the call volume for settlement administrators—shortening the timeline.

  • Communicating class member concerns and issues back to settlement administrators—helping to identify areas of confusion and concern.

  • Distributing settlement administrator draft communications, forms, and notices to test groups or facilitating other trials or fact-finding campaigns.

  • Consolidating filings in whatever form and formats are most appropriate/beneficial to settlement administrators.

  • Providing data comparisons by industry or client type—as a “reasonableness” test of claims submitted without support or with estimates by other class members/third parties.

  • Sharing best practices and experiences in order to constructively explore ways to work better and faster.

Our Commitment to Settlement Administrators

Based on our industry experience, we fully understand and respect the administrators' crucial role in the settlement process. As such, we are committed to working collaboratively with settlement administrators in order to foster an effective, cooperative relationship, This commitment includes;

  • Providing administrators with unparalleled attention—we understand the importance of healthy communication. 

  • Not interfering with communications, notices, claim forms, etc being sent to MCAG’s class member clients. 

  • Withdrawing, by default, claims filed by class members themselves, with the expectation of notification and an opportunity to notify our clients and confirm their wishes.

  • Providing proof of authorization at any time – in full or for a sample, having received authorization from/for each class member being submitted.

  • Working with our clients to resolve duplicate claims filed by other third parties, deferring to client’s wishes and providing proof of such or in absence of client response, deferring to the settlement administrator's standard protocol.

What We Ask for in Return

Our experience has shown that our most successful work environments with settlement administrators typically have some important features in common, including: 

  • Administrators putting MCAG in touch with their project leads as early as possible in the settlement process for centralized direct communication regarding settlement matters (such as filing process, exclusions/eligibility, data requirements, and claim deficiencies).

  • Administrators leveraging MCAG as the central point for all communications regarding claims filed by MCAG on behalf of its class member clients (especially regarding questions, defects, rejects, etc). There is no concern with class members being copied or separately sent the same information as long as MCAG is also copied and kept in the loop.

  • Administrators providing lump-sum payments via wire transfer, or if not possible, then payments made out to MCAG c/o “Class Member name” and sent to MCAG's corporate headquarters in order to facilitate more efficient distribution of rewards by MCAG.

  • Administrators providing notifications to MCAG of any duplicate filings, including whether the filing was made by a class member directly or by another third party.

  • Administrators providing a reconciliation of filings made by MCAG as soon as convenient after filing and a reconciliation of payment amounts (sent or being sent) to MCAG as close as possible to distribution.

Our Pledge

Essentially, collaboration occurs when two or more people work together to produce or create something. We pledge to bring clarity, order, and coordination to the settlement filing process. Our business is designed to be a partnership and we are committed to cooperation and integrity in our relationship with settlement administrators.

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