XYZ  Offers Class Action Settlement Recovery

Assistance Through MCAG

XYZ is pleased to offer Class Action Settlement Recovery Services to our valued clients through our partnership with MCAG. This service is designed to allow our clients to easily take advantage of the many class action settlement opportunities from which you may collect money.  MCAG is a class action settlement expert, and their service streamlines the filing process and secures recoveries of non-traditional high margin revenue for all types of organizations from class action settlements. MCAG has experience and credibility in getting the most for your claim with the least effort on your part.​


Service Fees

MCAG retains a percentage of any recoveries they obtain on your behalf. The agreed upon fee for clients of XYZ that submit the Enrollment Form found below is 25% of recoveries. Services include all the necessary data analysis, document preparation, claims filing, recovery and reconciliation for enrolled customers. If no money is recovered for your organization from the settlement, then MCAG will not charge or retain a fee.

IMPORTANT: Please note that MCAG may require additional information from its enrolled clients in the future in order to meet requirements for a specific settlement. Therefore, MCAG may not be able to submit a claim on behalf of clients who do not provide additional information as instructed in future communications from MCAG.

This Agreement is entered into as of the submission date of the electronic form found below ("Effective Date"), by and on behalf of Client/Business/Organization Name ("Client") provided below and Managed Care Advisory Group, LLC ("MCAG") with principal residence at 3434 Granite Circle, Toledo, OH 43617 for the purposes set forth below.

Payment Card Settlement Disclaimer: On December 13, 2019 the Court granted final approval of the settlement filed on September 18, 2018 for the Rule 23(b)(3) Class Plaintiffs in this action. No claim forms are available at this time, and no claim-filing deadline exists. No-cost assistance will be available from the Class Administrator and Class Counsel during any claims-filing period. No one is required to sign up with any third-party service in order to participate in any settlement. For additional information regarding the status of the litigation, interested persons may visit, the Court-approved website for this case.