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We understand that settlements can be very complicated and take a long time to come to fruition. That's why we're helping clients monetize forecasted claims before settlement funds are distributed. 

Our claims purchase option allows MCAG's premier clients to assign future claims to MCAG and turn an undefined asset into real revenue—today!. 


Securing an offer is easy

We know that not everyone can afford the luxury of waiting on a settlement distribution—that's why we've made our claims purchase application as easy as possible. If money is tight, why wait when you can get an offer to buy your claim today?


Millions of dollars

We've handled millions of
dollars in claims
purchase transactions.


Within Day

We turn purchase offers into
cash in a matter of days.


Proprietary Database

Our proprietary database

makes pricing your 
claim easy.


No Risk

We take the risk, you get the
money even if the settlement


Waiting can be frustrating

Get your money fast.

MCAG's deep resources and settlement expertise allows us to conduct the underwriting diligence very quickly. We can turn around a purchase offer in a matter of days.

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Three simple steps

Here's how to secure an offer for your Visa/Mastercard Interchange Fee Settlement Claim...


Obtain an estimate

Obtain a final offer

Receive your payment

MCAG will provide an estimated claim purchase offer for your to review and determine if you want to proceed to a final offer.

MCAG will review your submitted business and VMC information and send you a final offer for approval.

Once you approve the final offer and execute the assignment of the Claim Agreement, MCAG will send you the payment within 30 days.

Claims Purchase Application

If your organization is interested in learning more about this opportunity, please complete our application so we can schedule a call to update you on the status of the Visa/Mastercard Settlement, provide more information about our claims purchase option, and determine your organization's eligibility for this offer. 

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